Current Exhibition

Sol Calero. Agencia Viajes Paraiso

Opening: May 05, 2017
Exhibition: May 06, 2017 - September 24, 2017

The issues of history and respectively cultural history play an essential role in the work of Sol Calero (*1982 in Caracas, Venezuela), who moved to Berlin a couple of years ago after spending her childhood in Venezuela and studying art in Spain and Great Britain. How does cultural representation and appropriation work, especially between Europe and Latin America? What is attributed by one culture to the other and what implications do these ascriptions have for art and society? With her paintings, sculptures, and installations and in a very playful manner, a kind of tongue-in-cheek love for Caribbean colours Calero induces thoughts about cliché, ascription, and prejudice as well as gender roles and migration. She describes herself as “political without being explicitly political”.

Sol Calero presents everyday social spaces – like the hair salon, the internet café, the exchange office or the dancing school – in extensive installations that often deal with travelling as well as migration and the linking of different cultures. In that regard an important aspect of her work is to breathe life into those rooms during the exhibition by involving visitors and public performances. For the latter she integrates local associations and professional groups with their specific interests and skills in order to celebrate them together with the visitors.


Image: Agencia Viajes Paraíso, 2017, Installation view Kunstpalais, Erlangen, Copyright the artist, Courtesy of Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, Photo by Kilian Reil